In this page you can find the first release of the core of Chordata’s motion capture system.

Be aware that this is a beta release: the system is still not suitable for production use, and we are distributing a limited amount of prototypical units to some users. We’ll keep on testing and improving the system in the next months in order to make the first production release.

If you want to know more about our Beta-testing program, write us. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

The sources for these files are also available at out  gitlab’s online repositories  so that anyone with a little bit of electronic and/or coding experience can go ahead an dive into the intricacies of our project.

If you are interested on building your chordata system from scratch you will find information in our wiki. If you have any doubt, please leave us your question at our forum.


Hub program of the Chordata open source motion capture system
(the beta version of the notochord will be available soon.)


Blender add-on that allows you to receive, record, and retransmit physical motion capture data coming from a Chordata open source motion capture system


TestCube Blender file
A simple file that allows you to test the sensor calibration on your K-Ceptors



A new revision of the hardware is available.

-New EEPROM on K-Ceptor (M24C01) 
-ID_module can be replaced for on-board resistors 
-Pull-up resistors on i2c channels on Hub 
-Fix Hub PCA9548 footprint 
-Fix Hub gates pin order

Sensing hardware of the Chordata open source motion capture system. KICAD project


Hub hardware of the Chordata open source motion capture system. KICAD project


Chordata KICAD Libraries
Symbols and footprints used on the Kicad projects.


List of components


Calibration Box
Calibration Box V1