💣 Release coming soon! 💣

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💣 Release coming soon! 💣

Pre-order your kit now!

Core team

New Arts

Arianna Serra

Performer / Dancer

Daniel Neri Semproni



Leonardo Di Paola


Jolanda Papanicolos


With the support of

Open projects we relay on


Special thanks to the following individuals for their direct or indirect contribution

Sebastian Madgwick:  For publishing the open source sensor fusion algorithms which allowed us and many other to implement IMU sensors.

Alexander Lee: For publishing the 3D female model we use as avatar.

Roberto Asquini & Sergio Tanzilli: For their advises and support.

Stella Percossi & Marina Laurenti: For their help with the early textile prototyping.

And to all the people involved in the many libraries and open components this project relays on