The motion capture system that your can build yourself

Motion capture in an Open Source flavor

Chordata is a motion capture system that you can build yourself. Our goal is taking the world of motion capture to the universe of DIY technologies with an Open Hardware approach. With this in mind, we designed a system that is flexible enough to be adapted to the needs of any project that may require the capture of human movement in fields as vast as Game Design, Animation, Digital Arts, Electronic Music or Physical Therapy.

The origin of Chordata was a basic need. Bruno, our tech lead, wanted a way to register dance moves for a performance piece, but none of the tools available matched his needs (nor his budget). A lot has happened since then and now the system was released as an ALPHA version, but we still require some additional financing in order to make further developments possible. If you can’t commit your time to the project (we’ll not judge, as we know how limited time can be), be aware that you can still contribute with any donation.

Our team is composed of tech and communication enthusiasts who are eager to collaborate under the umbrella of the Open Source ecosystem. The main intention behind Chordata is building up a community that supports and sustains the possibility of capturing movement with open technologies. Therefore, we’ll welcome onboard anyone that might feel like sharing his knowledge.┬áIf you’re interested in testing Chordata, don’t hesitate to contact us either.

If you simply want to stay informed about the world of technologies that foster the fields of animation, game design and the arts in general, make sure to check our blog for updates that go beyond our motion capture system. Our main intention is not just to deliver a software and hardware kit, but to build a community of people that want to share their love for movement computing.