🚀 Chordata Motion is now live on Kickstarter!

You can order your kit here

🚀 Chordata Motion is now live on Kickstarter!

You can order your kit here

Software developer

In Chordata Tech we search a new team member for our development team.

Project description

Chordata Tech is a company that works on the production of Open Source Motion Capture systems. Our goal is for this type of technology to be accesible to anyone on the plant.

Our main product is a hardware and software framework that enables the creation of motion capture systems based on inertial technology.

What are we looking for?

A person with programming knowledge with the will to discover the inner workings of our motion capture in general and our framework in particular.

Our discipline draws for sources of knowledge coming from various other fields within software development:

  • Videogames: 3D character management.
  • Embeded: software development of low-leverl hardware control.
  • Backend: communication between IPC and remote services.


  • C / C++
  • Linux command line (shell)

We value:

  • Python knowledge
  • Version control systems (GIT)
  • Regular residence within the Italy, Spain or the rest of Europe (in this same order of preference).

Work you’ll be developing:

Our framework was published a few years ago and has a growing user base throughout the world. This user base implements Chordata Motion and implements it under the Open Source paradigm, even though it’s still a beta release.

Our team is working on reestructuring the code base in order to publish the first production release of the system.

During the first stage of your job, in order for you to familiarize yourself with the system, you’ll be helping our development team with the optimization of our code-base. This is the reason why we’ll require that you want to test yourself, adapting to new challenges and without being afraid of acquiring new knowledge from various fields. One of the main goals of our project is to spread out the concepts that make motion capture possible, which is also why we’re glad to provide the tools that allow you to develop your kwnoledge on this field.

During the second satage of your job, we’ll open the possibility for you to incorporate to the project within the areas where you seem better suited to develop the system further. We’re interested in finding peopole who want to understand the inner workings of our system in order to develop themselves within Chordat Tech.

We provide complete location flexibility (though we value the possibility to meet face-to-face every now and then when a project requires it) and your work schedule will always be adapted to the rest of your personal responsibilities. We’re commited to equality and always look forward to promote a better work-balance.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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